"Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail" L.d.V.


Andrea Solinas is a firm specialized in the realization of sartorial projects of architecture, decoration and furnishing for a sophisticated and demanding international clientele. Thus, over the years, the projects of exclusive private residences, boutiques, hotels have been created, all of which share the same design rigour and excellence in the realization.

Andrea Solinas has a classical backgound, evolved in architecture from his first activity at Sotheby's auction house and his work with leading interior decoration studios. This allows him to easily range from architecture to restoration, to decoration and furnishing, always considering each project a tailor-made suit to be cut to the specific needs of the client.

The Studio is based in Florence, a place of choice due to the excellence of the artisans who have handed down there their know-how since the Renaissance. Andrea Solinas prefers to work with artisans rather than industry to offer his clients unique products, unless he chooses between antiques, vintage or selected design. Everything that is part of the project is designed by the Studio, including decoration and furnishings and often fabrics, too. Andrea Solinas never repeats any design, which is born and dies in the single project.

In addition to numerous residences, the Andrea Solinas signature is also worn by Faliero Sarti stores and showrooms in Italy and around the world and by Margaret Howell and Kristina Ti in Italy, Why The Best Hotels and Ricci Tuscan Homes group hotels, Blasio coffees and countless furnishing items.


 "Living in beautiful, comfortable and well-appointed spaces makes people beautiful, and beautiful people make the spaces in which they live beautifulA.S.